About Us
Jesper PET preform Co. started from 1990 specializing in PET preforms molds and PET preforms development. Jesper is one of the leading company in PET industry with its high quality and competitive price. We provide PCO-1810 PET Preform, 3025 PET Preform, Jar Preforms, Snap-on PET Preform and Customized PET Preform by using our own made injection molds. By this unique specialty, Jesper has more than 5 kinds of neck-finish and over 40 various weights of PET Preform.

Customer could easily collocate Jesper’s PET Preform with designed bottle. All PET Preform are made in Taiwan, Accumulate experience plus willingness of develop newest and leading preforms which lay the foundation of fine quality preforms, customized and capability of export worldwide. Serve Honestly ; Customer Satisfaction ; Customer Driven are the spirit and goals of Jesper PET preform co. by them expand globally. Our goal is to provide customers products of high quality, competitive price, and superior services. We are here to respond at any time.

Why choose Jesper PET Preform

  • Capability of manufacture injection molds for PET preform and blow mold for blow molding machine.
  • All preforms are made by Jesper’s own injection molds
  • Jesper’s preforms are stable and low reject rate
  • Jesper’s preforms have variety of weights and neck-finish
  • Offer customized preforms
  • Keep developing preforms for target markets
  • Grade A resin is only choice
  • Sincere Service and Customer Satisfaction are always the priority

Product Line
PCO-1810 PET Preform
PCO-1810 PET Preform
Obrist 30/25 PET Preform
Obrist 30/25 PET Preform
Obrist 28 PET Preform
Obrist 28 PET Preform
38/400  45/400 Pharmacy Jar
38/400 45/400 Pharmacy Jar