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Jesper PET preform Corporation

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About Jesper PET Preform

Jesper PET preform Co. started from 1990 specializing in PET preforms molds and PET preforms development. In short period of time, establish many injection machine production line and further using our own techniques and molds to produce Preforms independently.

Preforms of mineral water bottle, preforms of pharmacy bottle, preforms for sauce bottle, over 30 various types of preforms.

All products design in Taiwan, develop in Taiwan, produce in Taiwan, Truly Made in Taiwan. Accumulate experience plus self manufacture molds and willingness of develop newest and leading preforms which lay the foundation of fine quality preforms, customized and capability of export worldwide. The company continuously innovated ideas, deeply support and trust by clients of all fields and customers around the world. Serve Honestly ; Customer Satisfaction ; Customer Driven are the spirit and goals of Jesper PET preform co. by them expand globally.


  • RungChin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950 and professionally maintained lawn mower engines and deep water pumps。
  • In the year of 1960, the company’s business upgraded to the maintenance of engines and manufacturing and maintenance of accessories of diesel oil automobiles and petrol automobiles。
  • During the time of 1970, the company specialized in manufacturing machinery parts and repairing accessories for Asia Cement Corp. and Far East Textile Co., Ltd.. During the period, we were glad to contact the Pacific Glass Co., Ltd. The company invested in Taiwan through Corning Incorporated of USA in order to cooperate for iconoscope moulds. At this point we begin to manufacture various moulds and absorbing information from different fields。
  • In the year of 1980, the company cooperated with Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation and Far East Textile Co., Ltd. to develop PET bottle blow molds and Hot Runner Preform Mold。
  • In the year of 1985, Deh Kai Machinery Co., Ltd is founded and specialized in the research and manufacture of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle-blowing moulds, injection moulds and hot pouring channel bottle embryo moulds。
  • In the year of 1995, the company began to research PET preform and further explored the manufacturing of injection molding of the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) mineral water bottle preform, the sauce bottle preform and the jar bottle preform。
  • The company always endeavors to research and explore new products and has won the confidence and support from each industry field and clients. “Honest service and customer satisfaction” are the spirit of Deh Kai Machinery Co., Ltd for years, thereby expand the business relationship domestically and internationally.