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Customer Performance Case -International Packaging


International Packaging: Large packing A well-known International factory purchased our pr ...
Customer Performance Case - A well-known US manufacturer purchased preforms Obrist 30/25 18g and 27.5g


A well-known American factory purchased our products: Preform Obrist 30/25 18g and 27.5g, ...
Photos Of The Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022


I am so proud and honored to see my PET preform Bottles been officially used in Northern M ...
Saipan Ice & Water donates $10,000 to Pacific Mini Games


According to the news of Marianas Variety of Micronesia, we are delighted to know that our ...
The Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022


Today, we celebrate our CNMI National Team, their families, and their support systems, fo ...