Canadian Mineral Water Bottle Factory-Purchase Jesper PET preform (PCO-1810,18g) to produce 500ml mineral water bottle


Canadian Mineral Water Bottle Factory-Purchase Jesper PET preform (PCO-1810,18g) to produce 500ml mineral water bottle
A Canadian customer purchased a large number of Jesper PET preforms, PCO-1810, 18g, to produce 500ml mineral water bottles, improving efficiency and yield. Jesper PET preform specializes in the production and development of "PCO1810 PET preforms", which are sold well at home and abroad, with stable dimensions, uniform thickness, good transparency, and easy control of blow molding, and are highly recommended by international customers.

Jesper PET preform has excellent quality and reliability.
We manufacture with advanced technology to ensure the consistency and stability of each preform. This is essential for the production of high-quality mineral water bottles. Jesper PET preform material has excellent transparency and durability, which can ensure that the product will not be damaged or deteriorated during transportation and use.

PCO-1810 , the 18g design is very suitable for producing 500ml mineral water bottles.
This specification can ensure product consistency and filling capacity, so that customers can accurately provide products that meet consumer needs. The structural design of PCO-1810 18g can also ensure the sealing and leak-proof performance of the bottle cap, thus protecting the quality and freshness of mineral water.

  1. Non-Crystallized PCO-1810 Neck-Finish PET Preform
  2. Use only Officially approved Graded-A resin
  3. Applicable for mineral water PET Bottle
  4. PET Bottles for aseptic products
  5. Size and Specification fully compliance with international standards
  6. Absolute low reject rate in blowing process
  7. Diversify PET Preform weights
  8. Provide variety of options for customer request interns of weights, neck-finish and colors
Jesper PET preforms have good processability and stable production performance, enabling the production line to operate efficiently.
Excellent physical properties and design can also reduce loss and waste in the production process. This not only saves production costs, but also reduces downtime and labor input.

Jesper PET is committed to providing high-quality, stable and reliable preform products, and customers have successfully improved the yield rate and reduced the reject rate. This is due to the high quality and reliability of these products, which reduces flaws and defects during the production process. This helps to ensure that every mineral water bottle that the customer provides to the consumer is up to standard, thereby enhancing customer credibility and consumer satisfaction.

Our company always endeavors to research and explore new products and has won the confidence and support from each industry field and clients. “Honest service and customer satisfaction” are the spirit of Deh Kai Machinery Co., Ltd for years, thereby expand the business relationship domestically and internationally.

In addition to PCO-1810, 18g preforms, we also provide preforms of other specifications, or if you have any questions about this customer case, please feel free to consult:

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